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скорая помощь
г. Собинка, ул. Ленина, д. 92
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Medical tourism in Sobinka en

The main stationary complex of the Sobinsky district hospital is located in the district center of Sobinka in an ecologically clean area surrounded by a pine massif and near the Klyazma River. Oxygen-enriched air contributes to the speedy recovery of patients.

There are 13 departments operating on the basis of the main hospital:

  • reception department;
  • physiotherapy department;
  • clinical and laboratory department;
  • department of purulent surgery;
  • therapeutic department;
  • department of anesthesia-intensive care;
  • cardiology department;
  • neurological department;
  • surgical department;
  • traumatology department;
  • gynecological department;
  • infectious diseases department;
  • pediatric department,

providing narrowly focused medical care for patients of the district, including foreign citizens.

Contact information

Name of the organization: State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Vladimir region "Sobinskaya District Hospital"

Address: 601202, Vladimir region, Sobinka, Lenin str., 92

Email: sekretar@sobinka-crb.ru

Telephone: (49242)2-28-54

  • Unique location
    Surrounded by a pine perennial massif contributing to air purification and oxygen enrichment
  • Affordable price
    Competitive cost of medical services of all profiles
  • Getting to know the culture of the area
    You will get acquainted with the sights of the region
Dental care
Since 2020, the dental polyclinic of the SBUZ VO "Sobinskaya District Hospital" has expanded its capabilities in the field of services using modern technologies such as metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics based on zirconium dioxide, as well as various types of removable prostheses on hidden locking systems (attachmen)
  • Modern equipment
    In the spring of 2020, modern equipment was purchased at the dental clinic, which allows to produce the entire range of dental services in one place
  • A wide range of services
    New services in the field of modern dentistry have been introduced, surgical services using various implantology systems have been expanded
  • Affordable price
    Low price list for the provision of services in the field of dentistry using both Russian materials and foreign analogues
Assistance in obtaining documentation for entry into Russia
  • Registration of an invitation to arrive in Russia
    After confirming the possibility of your treatment, we can issue you an invitation to enter Russia, as well as resolve the issue of migration registration.

    For more information, please contact us.

  • Registration of the necessary documentation for obtaining a visa by third parties
    If a tour operator or an assistance organization deals with the issue of your treatment in Russia, then entrust the documentation for obtaining a visa to an employee of the organization.
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